Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rogue Killer Shark-Suffolk Britain

You have to love this quote from Britains Daily Mail today:

"Great White shark feared to be on a killing spree off the Suffolk coast.The National Oceanography Centre in Southampton is now very keen to analyze pictures taken of the porpoise to try to establish if it was killed by a rogue killer shark."

"Rogue" killer shark?

If this was a GWS, which is highly unlikely, chances are it was doing what 100 million years of evolution has prepared it for. That is to prey on seals and dolphins. The reporters take on this predation is typical slow-cycle media hysteria.

By defining this animal as a "rogue killer shark", the implication is this animal does not belong in the waters off the coast of Suffolk and it should not be feeding on wildlife.

The sad fact is that 70 million sharks are being hacked apart-each year- for just their fins. It is high time those in the media began to re-define the term "rogue killer" when presenting sharks and their all too natural predations to the public.

Great whites are magnificent ocean predators...not "rogue killers".

Let's all try and have a little sympathy for the devil.

Patric Douglas CEO
Shark Diver
Isla Guadalupe Conservation Fund

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Chris Milnes said...

The whole notion of a 'killing spree' is totally absurd too. A porpoise has been found dead so there are fears a crazed white shark is out there killing everything in the sea for absolutely no reason other than fun?! Basic reporting at its best/worst.