Monday, February 11, 2008

Forbes Traveler Deep Submarines

Forbes Magazine featured Shark Diver this week and our deep dive submarine in Honduras.

"In 2005 CEO and adventurer Patric Douglas discovered this remarkable operation and spent 6 hours on a sea cliff wall at 1700' staring into the deep green eyes of a 18 foot Six Gill. "It was a pinnacle moment for me, surrounded by an eerily quiet moonscape and deep water creatures that I had never seen before outside of a marine lab.I thought at that moment that it does not get much better than this".

There's a whole new world to discover down there-here's what Forbes has to say about it (click on the slide show). Once you have seen all there is to see from 20-150 feet on scuba, take a ride on the wild side to 2000'. Thanks to Ethan Gordon for the stunning sub images.

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