Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Island of The Great White Shark-Documentary

After 4 long years, many exciting moments in the field and some simply stunning footage, documentary filmmaker Richard Theiss has completed his well received film of great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe.

When Richard first approached us about a film we told him that we would work with him under two conditions:

1. The sharks would in no way be portrayed as mindless killers, which unfortunately is the standard for documentary work with great whites these days. Shark Diver has maintained a standard for film crews-turning down or redirecting 80% of offers due to questionable content.

2. The Mexican lead shark research that Shark Diver initiated and has fully supported at this pristine site be documented.

The team we put together included Dr.Felipe Galvan from CICIMAR and Dr. Peter Klimley from U.C Davis. Almost every other shark diving company since then has provided support to this groundbreaking project. They are, Horizon Charters , Nautilus Explorer, and Islander Charters. Without these companies help this project would have never been completed.

The result has been everything we had hoped for in a serious white shark documentary. The new Island of The Great White Shark website is up and some direct sales are available. For divers joining us this season at Isla Guadalupe we are including your own copy to go home with.

After all, it has been your continued support of Shark Diver that has allowed us to provide the financial assistance to the research team lead by Mauricio Hoyos for the past 4 years. Thanks!

Patric Douglas CEO

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