Sunday, June 22, 2008

Being the CEO of a Shark Diving Company

I love my job. As the owner of a great little shark diving company I get to meet some truly amazing people, investigate new and upcoming tech, dive sites and shark research. I also get sent a host of emails that capture the imagination, like the one I got yesterday:

From: Bonny Giardina
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 07:50:18 -0700
Subject: Unique Expedition Opportunity

Hey there,

My friend is building a replica of an ancient Phoenician ship to recreate the first circumnavigation of Africa and he's looking for crew. Please pass along if you know anyone who might be interested. It's going to be quite a journey, ending with sailing the boat into London to coincide with an exhibit at the national museum. Philip is looking for crew for some or all of the 10 month voyage. My friend Danielle, whom I think you met at Christie & Steve's place, is the expedition artist. Very cool opportunity for the right person!

FYI: If any of you out there would like to reply to this email, we'll pass it along to you. As for me, Phoenician ships are just not my thing. That is unless there's some sharks involved.

Patric Douglas CEO

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