Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back Deck-Quality Moments

While we're running through images this one caught our eye.

From 2007 this is Dive Operations Manager Luke Tipple (back) and CEO Patric Douglas of Shark Diver on the back deck of the MV Islander.

A little about the MV Islander. As a vessel, she's amazing. Stable, nicely appointed-the perfect shark diving platform.

The crew are also outstanding. Owned by Shane Slaughter and John Conniff both these guys know sharks and if we say so ourselves provide simply amazing shark diving services.

Back the the image. A lot of time is spent on this back deck by the crew overseeing sharks, divers, seagulls, seals, the weather. There's also moments like these, when everything is just so, the ocean is calm, the sharks stacked up nicely, and conversation just happens in a way that's easy and familiar.

You gotta be here to understand.

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Jenny and Craig said...

Hi Guys,

See you in a few weeks from now, cannot wait to get our shark diving adventure on!