Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diane's Marines-From Habbiniyah Iraq

As the CEO of a shark diving company I have been fortunate to meet some simply amazing people over the many years we have been introducing divers to the wild world of sharks.

Until this year-I have not looked forward to meeting any single group of divers more than I have with "Diane's Marines".

As part of an ongoing and increasingly unpopular war back at home these guys are on the front line, putting themselves, their bodies and their lives at serious risk for the rest of us.

This war is a television conflict for the majority of Americans. For people like Diane it's a daily thing. Here's four faces to this war.

Regardless of any personal views you may have for this conflict, you have to admire and respect these guys for the true grit and determination they show on a daily basis. At a time when you're getting your morning coffee and bemoaning the commute to work-these guys are being shelled, shot at, and enduring conditions the rest of us could not begin to imagine.

Remember these guys are doing this 24/7. Take a moment today to honor these guys. It's real, and we're proud of them and their unflinching service.

Patric Douglas CEO

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