Monday, August 25, 2008

Isla Guadalupe-Cage Diving With "Borat"

You know-after many years in this gig I am not surprised anymore by our divers. They remain a never ending source of joy and good will-I mean who would willingly travel 210 miles into the vast Pacific to cage dive with some Great White sharks?

A special breed of diver to be sure, and none more than last weeks Peter M (last name held to protect small children) who arrived on site with a ring to propose to his gal with, two bottles of champagne, and...a Borat Swimsuit.

Rumor has it, and it's nothing more than a rumor mind you, that divers and crew a like were treated to Peter in cage. Rumor also had it the shark population went wild after seeing this Go Go Green Monster in the cages. And you thought Yum yum Yellow was the thing-that's so 1997.

Like I said, never ending source of joy.

Hat Tip to Kimberly for the image, she shot about 400 last week and at least 275 are excellent.

Patric Douglas CEO

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