Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deep Sea News Goes Discovery Channel

One of my personal favorite undersea blogs to visit over the past year has been Deep Sea News.

An eclectic mix of personal views and undersea critter fest-this blog had it all. Sadly (or not) they have been made "an offer you cannot refuse". I assume it had a ton of zero's behind it or at least tickets to the Superbowl. Deep Sea News now has a new home at Discovery Networks and already I miss the old site.

Call me nostalgic, but the old blog had a certain "garage band" feel to it. You could almost smell the '67 'Cuda engine with it's 360 block, hot tanked, magnafluxed, new cam bearings, brass distributor gear sitting off to the side of the bass drum as the band belted out covers to Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones.


But I digress. Deep Sea News we miss you, please come back to the world of garage band blogging, no one will care if you spill a beer on the floor, or set fire to the couch, we promise!

Patric Douglas CEO


Kevin Zelnio said...

Thanks for the nice comments! We will be the exact same Deep Sea News you have grown to love, just at a new home with new compatriots. We all have the mission to inform readers about the natural world. Our partnership with Discovery Channel is more about reaching a broader audience of people that will more directly benefit and be enriched by our writing (we hope!). Once again, Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at our new home!

Peter Etnoyer said...

Thanks, Shark Diver. This is a great blog! Nice things to say. Made me think about the Clash. And hotrods. But, don't miss us yet, bro. We're just testing the amps before we turn 'em up to 11.

Shark Diver said...

11 it is then. I wouldn't miss an episode. Your blog remains one of the coolest out there!