Friday, October 17, 2008

Truth in Advertising-KASHI

What you are looking at is the box my pizza came in last night. The image below is the actual pizza contained in the box. The following is the amusing letter written to KASHI this morning:


As a pizza loving American I have one word of advice for you..."Get out of the Pizza Business". There are few things we as consumers we are willing to negotiate, one of them is pizza. Enclosed is an image I took last night of your Roasted Vegetable (click link) pizza box and the actual, almost cheese-less, near veggi-less pizza disaster contained therein.

I am assuming this particular pie abomination was created by untrained and alcoholic Oompah-Loopahs that you acquired from the Amazonian Rainforest. I am also assuming they have never seen the wonderful box your marketing team from N.Y created depicting a simply stunning looking pizza pie replete with a cornucopian amount of tasty grilled veggies-thick with sustainably harvested cheese from cows that spent their dream filled days munching on rare green grasses in some verdant valley.

Shame on you KASHI for perpetrating this wanton pizza hoax on unsuspecting pizza lovers like myself. I have decided to show my displeasure and strike a blow for "those without a voice" by sending you this letter outing this sad, near token effort pizza, on our blog.

In some small measure perhaps I can alert the 10,000 readers of said blog to your ongoing pizza misdeeds and that they, as newly informed pizza connoisseurs, can avoid buying this product you have seen fit to foist upon the American public.

Yours Without Reservation,

Patric Douglas CEO
Shark Diver


Susan said...

Kashi used to be great stuff until they got bought out. Beware Kashi eaters!

Anonymous said...

I send a huge BRAVO to our Italian friend, for whom a pizza is sustenance for the soul as well as the body ... and I intend to share this with my students to show the POWER of the written word.

Well done Signor Douglas!


Anonymous said...

BRAVO Patric. You are hilarious. I've purchased pizzas that looked like crap too but never thought to write to the company! You rock my friend!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kashi Company was bought by Kellogg's in 2000 (, as their entre into
organics. After a product review like that, I'd guess their organics brand isn't gaining many customers...
~ Andrea

Anonymous said...

Kashi Company was bought by Kellogg's in 2000, as their entre into organics. After a review like that, I don't think I'd buy any shares in Kellogg (K)! (But at least you didn't find any semi-processed