Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bahamas Shark Kill - Defining Moment Conservation

The images are graphic and repugnant. This event happened in the Bahamas in 2007 and again in 2008. Two Tiger sharks killed, one pregnant animal with pups ripped from her body and tossed in a bloody heap on the deck.

As the CEO of a commercial shark diving company, Shark Diver, I am shocked at the loss of life and the wasted resource that is highlighted by these images. Something must be done to reset the mind set of those who do not see what the loss of animals like these means to the oceans, the economy of the Bahamas, and to sport fishing in the region.

We are defined as a shark diving industry and as shark conservationists not by moments when everything goes well and we are sitting on the back deck of a vessel at sunset.

We are not defined by the shark images we take or the numbers of divers we expose to sharks.

These are benchmarks that do not define who you are, or what you stand for as a business, or as a person.

We are defined instead by moments like these, when presented with horrific evidence of fisheries policies that kill sharks without any sustainable strategy. Those who stand up now to make a difference in the Bahamas are shark conservationists.

Let's get to work.


Patric Douglas CEO


Sharky said...

I was feeling a bit apathetic and sluggish today. These pictures snapped me out of that, thanks.

These "fishermen" deserve bad bad things...nothing but the worst out of life.

megan said...

hey, i saw your comment over at the Chum Slick. Seriously, something needs to be done about this or WITH this because it's just disgusting and heartbreaking enough to make people feel for the sharks (for once).

sam gimelty said...

Thanks for doing something. I read a story last week about the shark free marinas what a great idea!

carlos said...

much disgusting fishermen thanks for solutions any petitions?

Erin said...

Good god, this is horrifying. I'm ashamed to be included in the same species as those monsters...


who can I write to in order to get things changed to something at least somewhere NEAR humane?

Shark Diver said...

Hi Erin,

It's a sad tale really. Everyone in the region knows about this. As for all of the US operators who use the tiger site - not one has stepped up to do anything to protect these animals in the Bahamas.Yet.

We proposed and started the Shark Free Marinas Initiative

Bimini Sands Resort has been the only marina to step up to the plate. We have some assurances that others will but until they do...

We're still plugging away but in the end our company is based in California, we're not Bahamians, and the final result is up to them.

It would have been nice to see the others who use tiger beach get involved but we did not expect much from any of them. In this game you either "talk about" shark conservation efforts or you roll up your sleeves and "do something about it".

This event happened almost 18 months ago.

AQUAMANN said...

I am biting my tounge not to lash out at these MONSTERS! WTF are they thinking!! To kill for sport is nothing short of disgusting! and to kill pups!? I have been angry at the Asian fishing of shark tails, then push them overboard to drown! Do these people not know what these magnificent creature do for us? All of us!? If not, I hope they're reading this! Without sharks, we will die! You see, sharks keep our waters clean by filtering (consuming) dead and decaying animals. If they no longer exsist, our waters will suffer, the balance will shift and that WILL spread to land based animals including us! (you!) Please rethink this selfish behavior, and appologize to your son or daughter now, for the gross negligence you have showed. Explain to them what a beautiful creature these are!

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of how WE are the ones who look prehistoric sometimes, next to an animal that has been with us for such a long time...we will not stop until we absolutely kill everything around us. What a shame! Sometimes I think we are getting better at taking care of our living treasures, and then I see something like this. They should be in jail...

Miami, FL.

Doug Andrew said...

Sadly I've realized that from what I've seen, and this is just my experience is that people on a whole are a reactive group, not a proactive group. Hopefully her sacrifice will be a rallying cry for conservation of these magnificent fish. Nothing on this earth deserves a death like this regardless of what role they play in the ecosystem.

Tessa said...

Hey BDA, Stuart Cove,UNEXO, and all the others who make a living with sharks.

How about trying to save a few?

Jesus this makes me mad.

Julian said...

Not much hope of educating these so called "sport fishermen" one of them wears a T shirt depicting another endangered species - White Rhino - I guess he'd do the same to her if he got the chance.
No excuse for killing these exquisite creatures " tag and release" but to delight in killing the unborn next generation that is not on.
Legislation and conservation is the only way forward but there is not much time left now.