Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scientific American Earth 3.0-Isla Guadalupe

This fall I was contacted by a reporter, Jim Cornfield, who wanted to take an in depth look at the issues of commercial shark diving, shark research, and the world of charismatic megafauna like the Great White. He wanted to join us at Isla Guadalupe.

Of course I said yes.

The end result is a great article in this months special edition of Earth 3.0 by Scientific American. The first page of the multi-page article is online for the rest you'll have to visit Borders Books or subscribe-which I might suggest you do as this magazine is amazing.

In terms of positive shark media it was nice to have the time to really get into the issues about this unique and special shark site. Vessel owner operator Greg Grivetto and marine biologist Luke Tipple got to share their knowledge and passion about the Great Whites of Guadalupe. They shared both an operational viewpoint and a wildlife viewpoint of this special island with Jim and as this article will attest...I think he got it.

Patric Douglas CEO

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