Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Guilty Pleasures? Oh Yeah!

So, how did you begin 2009?

In my case it was thoroughly enjoying a guilty pleasure up in the woods of Oregon with a shark diver turned good friend Chris Limon and his wife Kimel.

They dropped out of the rat race in L.A two years ago and settled in a bucolic little ocean side town called Brookings. A place where Killer Whales still frolic off the coast, Redwoods still tower in the back hills, and local caught plate sized deep water Dungeness crab is $5.00 a pop.

In short, my kind of place.

Oh, and it's also great place to load up on serious weaponry, a few cigars, and some "fun targets" (stuff that goes boom).

For a conservationist like myself this may seem at odds with a lifestyle but, like I said, this is an entirely guilty pleasure of mine shared by a few close friends in remote places. It all started with a Beretta shotgun a few years ago and a fondness for Skeet and Trap shooting. Now I am toting around AR-10's...who knew?

Anyway, this is how I spent my New Years. Now it's back to the wild world of sharks, conservation, and...some very exciting media news coming up in the next few weeks.

2009 came in with a bang and the fun continues!

Patric Douglas CEO


Sharky said...

Don't tell anyone...but I like that kind of stuff too.

Vlaicu said...

Ummm, guys? Don't make things worse by pretending to be ashamed or calling it a "guilty" pleasure. There's nothing wrong with enjoying target shooting or hunting. Just count your blessings that this country still recognizes individual responsibilty. With responsibility being key. Whether it's conservation or firearms (and the two are not mutually exclusive), personal responsibility must lead the way. Integrity cannot be legislated, it must be learned (and taught) by example.

Shark Diver said...

Oh don't get me wrong, the crack of an AR-10 vaporizing a "water target" 200 yards away is something to behold.

I just don't get enough time for this kind of thing these days.

Shark conservations requirement for laser focus and dedication is similar to shooting. Something I learned shooting skeet and trap.

Which is also why I know Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson lied about being shot last year.

Tim and Sandia said...

Nice wep shark divers!

Stuart in Miami said...

Thought you had more "going on" then just sharks;)