Friday, February 13, 2009

Shark Diver in Playboy Magazine

At the start of the year I reminded our loyal blog readers, lurkers, and assorted industry cranks (you know who you are) that we had some fun media news for you in March.

I think I even said you were going to love the month of March. Well, March is almost here and so is the March issue of Playboy Magazine along with the newly redesigned Playboy TV.

This month you'll have a reason to actually read the magazine as Shark Diver, your friendly neighborhood shark diving company, is the feature on two glorious pages of shark diving heaven. We're also on a shark diving segment with Playboy TV as well.

Unfortunately none of this raw media came with the requisite naked models. Both of these articles are serious journalistic endeavours (insert smile here). We would never cheapen sharks with the addition of bikinis or express nudity (insert one more smile). Although, if anyone from Girls Gone Wild reads this blog we have a show proposal for you.

Enjoy the magazine, and if your "significant other" starts to yell at you for leaving this months Playboy laying around feel free to tell her that Shark Diver is featured this month. See, right there on pages 32-33, we'll take the heat for you.

Patric Douglas CEO


Capt Dave Richards said...

I got mine in the mail and was going to alert you yesterday great article guys!

sam gimelty said...

O.K Mr.King of all shark media nicely done great article I just read it.

Are you guys doing the shark jam this year?

Fin Bloggers said...

sharks and playboy now there's a combo!

Anonymous said...

I'd be fairly disappointed if there weren't even a single picture of a nude shark in the article.

Shark John said...

Sharks and nudity in the same place?

Well it's about bloody time!

Anonymous said...

tried to find the article but kept getting lost in the magazine!

divetheyukon said...

That gives a new meaning the the term "Shark Porn"