Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hawaiian Butterfish - Gastronomic Revelation

A few days ago I was enjoying Sushi with friends in San Francisco. One of the friends ordered a fish I had never heard of called Hawaiian Butterfish.

When it arrived as sashimi it was presented alongside some firm red tuna. The fish itself was light and creamy in texture, not firm like tuna, and I thought to myself "where does this fish come from?".

Fortunately I had my trusty iPhone close by and a few screen taps later quickly came to realize Hawaiian Butterfish is in fact a deep water species of fish called Escolar.

Normally this kind of gastronomic revelation would pass as a mere curiosity but for the troubling news this week about deep water fisheries. Needless to say, while an interesting experience, I will not be enjoying Hawaiian Butterfish in any of it's many named forms any time soon.

Patric Douglas CEO


Sharky said...

Escolar gives you the poopy pants.

DaShark said...

Good on ya for posting this Patric!

After they have depleted the coastal fishing grounds, the fleets are moving further & further offshore and leaving a trail of destruction.

The solution is conservation and management of stocks - not behaving like effing locusts!