Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Shift in Paradigm - Felix Leander

Over at OceanicDreams blog Felix has a worthy observation about sharks and ultimately conservation. Should we "humanize sharks" by naming animals at commercial dive sites?

My 39 cents to this question - yes we should. Organically, this is done at every shark site I know of worldwide. Spend enough time in the company of any wild animal and you come to discover the "being" within the animal.

For me, personally, this was a remarkable education. The discovery that some white sharks actually had personalities - the "being" within.

Once you come to recognise "that thing" you become invested in the animal in a way you never considered you would. For myself and others this meant serious conservation efforts and a documentary film that told the best story it could about the real great white shark.

I blogged about a similar industry thought many months ago. About what we're really doing with sharks, ultimately, on a commercial level. What Felix has so aptly pointed out is the nature of the business of shark diving, it's a great conservation starter and a terrific observation.

Patric Douglas CEO

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