Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Warm Thoughts for an "Old Wolf"

Got the news a few hours ago of Wolfgang Leanders sudden and unexpected hospital stay. For an industry that is filled with many voices, most pretty passionate, I have always thought of Wolf as being closer to the "soul" of what most shark people are all about.

In a person Wolfgang embodies that primal urge we all have to reach out and connect with the shark.

I hope you can take a moment today to pass on a warm thought for an Old Wolf. Karma does great things when were all in it together.

Patric Douglas CEO

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Undersea Expeditionary Video said...

Late last year I went with Wolf and Felix to visit some old friends of theirs at Tiger Beach. It is truly remarkable to watch the Wolf reach out and touch a shark with his heart. In this video i tried to capture and convey just that.