Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jacques Cousteau - Pre MMPA

Catching up on blogs after 10 days in the Bahamas I came across this stunning post from BAD in Fiji.

Obviously shot pre MMPA and perhaps brought about because of this film. As a shark diving operator I was compelled after watching this clip to take stock at where we once were - and where we are today in the understanding of our oceans critters.

Clearly Jacques Cousteau's team came from a 1950's mindset towards to ocean and it's inhabitants, the sense of unlimited bounty that the death of a young whale and scores of sharks would never diminish. At 41 years old I, along with millions of others, only remember a few of his shows - but nothing like this!

This film is shocking both in terms of the whale content that today would land a captain in jail, and the treatment of sharks. Perhaps the Cousteau family might consider taking content like this down. Or as Da Shark pointed out leave it up as an "oceanic archive" of times past.

Patric Douglas CEO

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DaShark said...

Actually, I believe that it's a good thing to keep it up there!

After all, it's a historical document and it illustrates how far we have come since - in a positive way, as a show like that would be simply unthinkable today.

But alas, also in a negative way, because it would be impossible, too.
Together with all other oceanic Sharks, Oceanic Whitetips are rapidly being wiped out by the commercial Shark killers and I very much doubt that anybody could find such an aggregation in the Red Sea!
For sure, scenes like the whale carcass feed in "Blue Water White Death" are gone forever.