Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shark Diver - Juanmi Alemany

In 2008 I got an email from Spanish underwater photographer Juanmi Alemany.

He was interested in shooting white sharks for a conservation based project back in Spain. Of course we said "yes" and arranged, as we always do, the corner cage rotation.

The images Juanmi brought back after three days on site were nothing short of "epic" (click image).

Juanmi has just completed his stunning shark conservation show to sold out crowds in Spain and is thinking about more shows in the near future.

Shark Diver
remains committed to regional shark conservation efforts of all varieties. From positive shark film and television efforts at Isla Guadalupe, to initiating research and tagging programs and conservation websites - our company has been at the forefront of the changes in commercial shark diving since 2001. Setting the bar.

More needs to be done. It is with the help of shark conservationists all over the world, like Juanmi in Spain, that sharks will gain regional and global protections.

It starts with "One".

Kudos to Jaunmi for being that "One".

Patric Douglas CEO

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