Thursday, July 2, 2009

New great white shark haunt to be revealed with conservation in mind

The L.A Times got the jump on the announcement of "Oceania" - complete with video. The entire shark world just got more interesting as of 3:13 pm today:

"New great white shark haunt to be revealed with conservation in mind"
3:13 PM, July 1, 2009

Check out the white shark video to try to determine the location: (a) Guadalupe Island; (b) South Africa; (c) South Australia; (d) Farallon Islands; or (e) none of the above?

The answer is "e."

It's a newly discovered white shark aggregation site and news of its existence is sure to pique the interest of scientists and documentary teams.

An announcement regarding the site will be made this weekend by Shark Divers, a company that used to be in the commercial cage-diving business but now specializes in working with film and television crews.

For now, its code name is Oceania and Shark Divers CEO Patric Douglas, who labels it the most exciting white shark site discovery since Mexico's Guadalupe Island in 2001, would only confirm that it's a very remote island in the Southern Ocean.

Douglas said a limited number of crews will begin visiting the location early next year and that it remains unclear whether a commercial cage-diving operation will be established. Cage-diving operations are beneficial in that they allow the general public to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the embattled apex predators. But they can also be harmful to sharks--especially those that accidentally get caught between cage bars--and some charge that chumming habituates the sharks.

Because aggregation sites are so few, they do need to be protected and diving operations need to be regulated. "These sites need to be protected with everything we've got," Douglas said. "Now that the site is known, we've got to get the public behind it so the local government can say 'Yes, we need to turn this into a special place.' "

--Pete Thomas

Video courtesy of Shark Divers


DaShark said...

I betcha it's something concerning pork, as in "hams"! (:

Anyway, good roll-out - the 4th of July, no less!

Sharky said...

This sounds Lovecraftian. Suspense friends! Suspense!

Shark Diver said...


O.K Mr.Fiji, how would YOU roll this out;)

Naturally some fun had to happen with this and with the good old 4th being so close.

Beats rolling it out on "International Socialist Workers Day".

DaShark said...


Nah I'm dead serious, great job handling this - especially the continued reference to conservation which is going 2b so crucial.


Shark Diver said...

Having a good sense of the politics at this site I am in absolute agreement (once again) with you Mike.

Having top tier production companies come through and do a great job will set the tone for this unique and special place.

Big Dawg Divers said...

Way to go guys showing the rest of us poor divers the way to new dive sites.

When do we go?