Friday, July 10, 2009

Why We Blog - Questions and Answers

Today I posted about Shark Week, Shark Porn and industry responsibility.

The post was heated, as this issue has been "sticking in my craw" for a while. But for a few other enlightened members of our industry - today's post and many similar posts have fallen into the "industry black hole".

The place operators and those who do questionable things with sharks run to with hands on ears crying out, "La-la-la-la-la-la".

One person, who I have come to respect, Felix Leander, questioned the wisdom of going back to "events of the past". Here is his post and my response.

It is time for industry members to hear, listen and act. Shark Week is entirely our industries problem. We enable the very programming so many of the industry are properly howling about. If we want to see positive changes to the image of sharks it starts here, with us:

Felix Leander said...

Why is there a constant reminder of incidents that happened in the past to operators and not more of a focus on what can be done in the future.

I find your posts and ideas (shark free marina, contract, etc.) that are thinking about how to fix the porn and help sharks - much more interesting and productive than reminding people of what they already know.

What is the status on the contract that is being drafted for operators to abide by in selecting production crews?

Need positive vibes my man.

Shark Diver said...

Felix, as you well know by now we call it as it is, and as it is happening.

Right now this is happening...again.


Stop putting sharks in cages and take full ownership of it when it does. Explain to the media how this happened and what steps are being taken to ensure it never happens again, leadership.

NOT allowing the anti-shark diving folks any use of a shocking piece of video.

Do you realize this video is being used as a case point to shut down the operators in Hawaii? I am sure the operations in Hawaii are thrilled about that.As we stated at the beginning of the year - what happens in one place resonates in another.

And what of Shark Week and the additional 30 million who will see this video?

For a few months Felix, I was in talks with folks in Florida about a complete reversal of the ban on shark diving in the region. Think about that, leveraging a downturn economy to change a tourism killer and open commercial shark diving back up. They were listening and we had next phase meetings set up.

Then an industry member did something stupid in the Bahamas on a well known morning show that also showed this infamous video.

The next day? All talks were off and I do not see Florida EVER having shark diving in it's waters again.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Well done folks, another proud moment for the shark diving industry and the potential resurrection of a $50 million dollar statewide industry.

The power of images, video and the anti-shark diving lobby.

This is not an "event from the past" Felix.

This happens to be a current and toxic industry event happening right now and with lasting consequences.

Do we ignore it and move on?

When this video stops showing up for the consumption of 30 million viewers I will be happy to stop blogging about it.

Patric Douglas CEO


Felix Leander said...

So what is going on with that contract idea for operators...thought it was a great idea - hope it is still in the works. My old man and I would very much like to read the draft.

Felix Leander said...