Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Cove - Conservation Film Excellence

I took 10 people to see the film The Cove tonight - my treat.

I had seen the film last month and was so impacted by it's flawless execution and devotion to "stark conservation truth," that I resolved to introduce as many people as I could to it.

As the films conservation foil, Ric O'Berry sums up ,"If we cannot change what happens in this little place...there's no hope for any of us."

What goes on in Taiji, Japan is shocking and actionable. The Cove pulls no punches, makes no wild accusations, and stays true to conservation excellence in film making - letting the raw subject matter carry the film.

This is a rare film in part about redemption, for Ric O'Berry who spent most of his life creating the demand for dolphins in captivity and his profound change to conservation. It is also about redemption for the rest of us.

The ball is elegantly passed at the end of the film (to a standing ovation in our case) and it is up to us to carry it forward. Do not miss the final images of this film.

Go see The Cove. Then involve as many as you can to stop the dolphin slaughter in Japan. These are credible people, and credible organizations that need our help today.

Update: Read Southern Fried Science's film review.

Patric Douglas CEO


WhySharksMatter said...

I really liked the cove, except for a few things.

1) They mentioned how humans and dolphins might be able to someday communicate. This is scientific rubbish.

2) Ric O'Barry, while definitely knowledgeable about dolphin behavior, is an extremist to say the least.

3) 20,000 dolphins a year is not going to make dolphins endangered, as the film hints at.

otherwise, well done.

AxlVanHagar said...

Thanks for the links , I had no idea about this and feel ashamed for not knowing. Hopefully The Cove will play somewhere within driving distance for me. Links posted to my facebook and donation made.

Thanks again Patric.

Shark Diver said...

Thanks AxlVanHagar,

Conservation all starts with the "One", thanks for being that "One".