Thursday, August 6, 2009 - The New

2009 was a good year for shark conservation with the announcement of's withdrawing from the global sharks fin trade.

The shark conservation community hailed this as a victory, CEO Jack Ma even went on record to publicly say he would never eat sharks fin soup again.

Unfortunately the business of dried sharks fin abhors a vacuum and the multi million dollar online industry for sharks fin has found a new home at and several other online sites.

Some of TradeKey's web statistics reveal an online marketplace for sharks fin not exclusively being an Asian phenomenon. Most of TradeKeys online business comes from the USA.

1. More than 1 Million visitors from the USA visit the website every month.

2. TradeKey began its functions online in June 2005. It achieved 2 Million registered members by July 2008.

We joined a few months ago under several assumed names. To date this blog has been able to source close to one million pounds of sharks fin from this trading portal.

Here is one small example of a seller willing to sell minimum orders of 500 kilos to a U.S buyer. According to this seller these sharks fin come from the Maldives which will soon ban shark fishing in its waters:

We are experts of quality Shark Fin providers for over 20 years who provide these on a regular basis. Our Shark Fins are 95% dry salt out. These sharks are cached in Maldives. Our shark sizes are 6 to 10 inches, 10 to 14 inches and above.
Interested Please visit website.

Minimum order 500 Kg 1100 Lbs

Real and lasting shark conservation can begin when the trading stops. must come to realize it's hand in the global slaughter of sharks. Anyone interested in helping educate them?

Patric Douglas CEO


Dixion Divers said...

oh man, here we go again!

thanks for the heads up

Tom said...

Wow I thought this had all gone away with the baba win.

This is crazy!

Joel said...

Any advice for someone with an advertising/marketing background trying to get involved in shark conservation? I'm really trying to find a volunteer opportunity.

Bella said...

ummm that's a lot of shark fin guys, I agree we need to do something about this!

Anonymous said...

it seem trade key have addressed the issue and they have removed the listing.

we have to peter out the actual companies who are selling shark fins, curving business websites cant help much.