Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Apple - I want MY Google Voice!

Nothing sharky about this post unless you're talking "tech sharks" which are circling the offices of Google, Apple and the FCC this week over Google Voice.

For those of you in the industry who have been living like Tech Luddites for the past 20 years (you know who you are) one of the best innovations in consumer friendly cell phone programs is Google Voice.

Unfortunately Apple, who have the worlds best innovation in consumer friendly cell phone technology (the iPhone) are coveting access to it like the little gray critter in the Lord of the Rings.

"My Precious, My Precious!

The end result is big expensive cell phone bills for you and I and billions into the pockets of Apple and AT and T.

I can understand paying $150 a month if no cheaper options exists, but Google Voice offers free calls all over the USA and Canada, free SMS, and a "One number to rule them all" option that is business friendly!

Frankly I have had enough, as have millions of others, and now 18+ thousand of you via this blog post.

Apple needs to allow the Google Voice app onto it's iPhones lest they be seen as little more than money grubbing Tech Ogres who stifle technology with a "Sarumon like view" towards world domination.

We can excuse AT and T - they are a cell phone company.

Let the revolution commence. Let your voices be heard, we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Patric Douglas CEO

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