Monday, September 21, 2009

Shark Free Marinas - Sport Diver Magazine

What began many months ago as a "clarion call to action" by commercial shark divers in the Bahamas responding to the sport take of several gravid Tiger sharks has become the conservation effort - Shark Free Marinas Initiative.

This month Sport Diving Magazine devoted a full page to the initiative's Director Luke Tipple, educating divers around the world to the crisis of sport caught sharks:

After a number of interviews with Sport Diver magazine’s Brooke Morton I am pleased to report that the October issue features a full page article on Shark-Free Marinas.

I am humbled to be given so much credit for the SFMI so I must insist that due credit go to
Patric Douglas for his tireless effort in the media dept and our many Regional Ambassadors who are really doing the hard work!

What Brooke reports is true, there is a lot that we are fighting for. On one hand some of us are fighting for the survival of a species, others fight for animal rights, still others fight for the oceans health while some fight for their right to use the ocean at will. In all of these I choose to see the individuals point of view, to them and many of their friends they have the right of it… and so we fight.

I’ve chosen a different path, I fight for sustainability. I choose not to fight against the moral values of people who absolutely believe in their rights to use, abuse or let alone a species or environment. Tackling those issues delve into deep seeded values such as social structures, economic position, cultural tradition (which may be thousands of years old) and yes, even religion. These are fights that history shows are unlikely to be won any time soon.

I choose to fight for sustainable practices and environmental sensibility. My doctrine? Science. Facts and figures do not lie and math is the only language to truly translate across cultures. If we can unquestionably prove that our practices are unsustainable AND that the result of these practices are further damage or even certain collapse of entire ecosystems then I don’t care what your religion, culture, ethics or presumed rights are… we as a civilization must recognize these unsustainable practices and take action NOW, before it is too late.

Shark-Free Marinas was established on these values and will continue to take the scientific reasoning. Together with our Regional Ambassadors we aim to work with businesses, individuals and communities to reduce worldwide shark mortality, an issue which unquestionably is threatening irreperable damage to our ocean.

If that makes me an Activist, then so be it. Join the Shark-free Marina Initiative and take responsible action in your community today.

Thanks to SportDiver magazine and Brooke Morton for such great work.

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