Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beqa Adventure Divers - Pro Industry Media

As a commercial shark diving guy I enjoy reading pro industry shark media.

Our industry has been doing a better job of combining conservation messaging with pro industry themes since the disastrous start of 2009.

No one it seems, understands this better than Beqa Adventure Divers and no, we do not have a financial stake in this company, they're just very good at leading the industry by saying and doing the things that need to be done.

Today was another fine example of "How to do shark media." Kudos once again to Mike and his team in Fiji, the place where commercial shark diving and conservation change make for great media.

Patric Douglas CEO


DaShark said...

Thank you Patric, appreciate!

Good on 'ya for having found the web-based version of this article.

Maggie and Rachna, I believe, have done an excellent job at highlighting the plight of Sharks and it is greatly rewarding to see the younger generation starting to take up these issues.

Wansolwara (One salt water) is the University of the South Pacific's own newspaper, providing for critical outreach to the future leaders of the SOPAC.

Shark Diver said...

No worries, keep doing what you do so the rest of us know which way to go;)