Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shark Diver Highlights 2009 - Film and Television

As we round the corner into 2010 and a new decade, I look back on 2009 with a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

We did some cool things in 2009.

In fact, if was not for my iPhone and all the images I took this year I might not believe the year we had.

It started with a 10 day shoot in the Bahamas and Tiger Beach. The idea was to recreate a disaster at sea and provide real world solutions for surviving the disaster.

Part of it involved sharks, small rafts, an overturned 32' sportfisher plus a helicopter airlift by the Coast Guard. Fun stuff.

The rest was managing the disaster which included "almost losing" our primary film vessel twice in 16 foot seas on the way over the the Bahamas. Note to self, next time we go with Spectra.

I have to say the entire crew were perhaps the most dedicated bunch of industry guys and gals I have worked with. They managed to pull off the incredible with an ever shrinking budget, which was no mean feat as this was a tough series to shoot.

But that is also today's television world, shrinking budgets, and clip shows. The days of big budget productions are fast becoming a rare thing.

To make this shoot work I enlisted two of the top watermen in the business right now, Scott Cassell and Luke Tipple. Their job was to ensure no one got hurt while vessels were flipped, sharks came stalking, and the chum went flying. One of the highlights was a big female Tiger who "nibbled" on our raft - and that was prior to chumming the water.

The bite was sufficient to put a hole in the raft so we had to keep pumping it up every 15 minutes. I quickly came to the realization if we ever have a disaster at sea on a commercial level I will be first to jump into the floating shark cages and not the life rafts.

We did a few additional shoots this year and we'll unveil the details of those productions as they pop. One of them was with some frankly amazing folks this fall at Isla Guadalupe, a remote and beautiful place where the white sharks still never cease to amaze.

Looking forward to 2010 we have "Oceania" on tap, a new white shark site that will, in a few years from now, become the premier white shark hot spot in the Southern Hemisphere.

As Mike over in Fiji might put it:

"Prorsum Pro tiburon et patria!"

Farewell 2009 and hello to the new decade.

Patric Douglas CEO


Felix Leander said...

Hope you guys at Shark Diver have a successful 2010...hopefully there will be some projects together

All the best to you Patric.

Shark Diver said...

And you sir. I am sure there's something in the books for 2010 that would involve a Leander or two;)