Friday, December 11, 2009

Shark Tourism - "New Bible"

I just finished reading one of the most intriguing books on ocean and wildlife tourism management ever written.

The section on sharks and shark tourism harbors many ideas this blog and others within our industry have been pointing out for the past two years.


Marine environments have long been places of exploration, subsistence, transport and trade, but it is only recently that marine tourism has extended beyond coastal resorts and beaches. Demand for marine wildlife experiences has grown considerably in recent decades but a corresponding increase in the conservation of these environments as well as adequate legislative and management responses aimed at sustainability has not yet followed.

This book demonstrates that through scientific approaches to understanding and managing tourist interactions with marine wildlife, sustainable marine tourism can be achieved.

Drawing from disciplines such as marine and conservation biology and behavioral ecology, the book explores the effects of human disturbance on marine wildlife as well as management approaches. Social science perspectives are also used to understand consumer demand and the ethical and legislative problems that this demand creates.

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Patric Douglas CEO

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