Saturday, January 9, 2010

iDive Sharks - Shark Imaging Festival

One of the smartest web roll outs and concepts for the shark diving industry in 2009 was, without a doubt, Mark Thorps iDive Sharks.

We have been big fans and supporters of this site from it's inception.

At long last a place exists on the Internet where sharks, commercial shark diving, and underwater imagery intersect on a platform where shark people can feel at home. Brilliant.

In tandem with Underwater Videography iDive Sharks is running the first of many Underwater Imaging Festivals open to the public with a first prize of a free expedition to Isla Guadalupe in 2010 with Shark Diver.

We are proud to support innovation in the industry and sites that promote our industry in positive ways. Kudos to Mark for his site and here's wishing him a successful 2010.

Patric Douglas CEO

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