Monday, March 29, 2010

Gone Fishing - More Adventures in New Zealand

For the next few weeks I will be in New Zealand (again) at a series of meetings, some off the track hiking, diving, and of course some fly fishing.

Something interesting about the South Island, everywhere you go proclaims to have the "largest brown trout in the world."

Fellow trout fisherman Steve Blair and myself will test that theory out with a "catch and release vengeance" and will let you know the results.

One thing is for sure, nothing comes in small sizes in New Zealand.

Shark Diver New Zealand

Shark Diver NZ is on hold while we clean up the website and consider commercial applications for this robust and unique dive site. The good news is this site has the sharks, where it goes from there is up to the local community members of Stewart Island who also dive these waters, and the professionalism of local operators. As a licensed brand Shark Diver NZ will only align with the highest standards in shark diving, no exceptions.

Conservation Shark Diving is not a tag line it is a way of conducting shark diving right, the first time, and every time.

Conservation Shark Diving also fully supports the efforts against commercial shark take and shark fining. With the global decimation of shark species and with the recent losses at Doha there can be absolutely no exceptions to that rule. As commercial shark diving operators worldwide our efforts have a direct and lasting impact on sharks, support for commercial shark take in any form runs contrary to the best efforts of a global $300 million dollar industry.

Shark Divers commitment to shark conservation goes beyond any commercial considerations.

Thanks to the many team members who helped get Shark Diver NZ to the launch stage over the past year, from RTSea video production, to press releases, to website, branding and logo development - this was a first class commercial roll out and I remain impressed with the efforts from so many talented people.

We will have updates over the next month for you. Thanks for all the emails, and the interest in our latest adventures in New where did I put my 5wt rod?

Patric Douglas CEO


Evan Burris said...


Just heard the news let me know how I can help we know a few folks in the research community over here and they would be keen to look into this.

Andy (The Texas Crew) said...

I also just got the news about those guys down there let me know who I can write too and when