Sunday, April 25, 2010

Disney "Oceans" - Epic

Directed by Jacques Perrin and Jaques Cluzaud "Oceans" is a tour de force of underwater imagery.

Run, do not walk or even stroll to your nearest movie theater and see this film.

The underwater world is a fascinating place and for filmmakers bringing this world to a terrestrial audience in 2D or even 3D is a titanic task, "Oceans" does it superbly.

The other things "Oceans" manages quite well are the sequences with sharks. It is very common for filmmakers to try and make a point with sharks, to dispel the notion that they are in fact predators. This film does not do this, instead this film brings a man and shark sequence together that leaves the audience member aware of the dangers and yet understanding of the animal.

In the commercial shark diving world this is what we do, and it is refreshing to see a filmmaker who treats sharks as they animals they are - top order predators.

Kudos once again to the duo of Jacques Perrin and Jaques Cluzaud for a simply amazing film.

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