Monday, April 12, 2010

New Zealand - Big Critters Indeed!

For those who fly fish New Zealand's pristine waters two words sum up the ultimate fly fishing experience "Oreti River."

When I asked good buddy Steve Blair to source a river for us this is the one he came prepared for and we went at it like two men possessed.

Actually Steve went at it like the man possessed. In all the years I have enjoyed blue ribbon fly fishing I have yet to meet a single person who so methodically hits a river searching for giant fish as Steve.

Naturally Steve caught and released the most critters all in the 4-5.5 lbs class and all with a hefty dry dropper combo working the short inseam of the fast flowing and gin clear tributaries of the Oreti.

The Brown tout here and in most of New Zealand can best be described as "sketchy." As I emailed a buddy late last week after the first river I got handed a big plate of humble pie on:

"Mate, if the wind parts your hair wrong these fish bolt up stream. If your fly shadow passes through the run...they bolt upstream."

Needless to say after a few days in the general rarefied air that surrounds Steve I landed this nice 5lb buck, that's not sweat on my face (click image), that's tail slap, absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile to a California fly mans face located somewhere in the middle of the Southern Alps in New Zealand on any given Thursday afternoon in April.

To both Steve and Haley thanks for the great memories, we just got the smell of New Zealand bacon out of the camper today, we'll see you in Colorado for the wedding when we get back!

Patric Douglas CEO

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Bradley said...

Cool fish Patric, when are u back we need to talk potential shoot dates.