Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kids and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Off the coast of North Carolina at Nags Head this week I am spending some quality time with my extended family while on an interesting shark project.

Yesterday was spent with the kids at Kitty Hawk home to the Wright Brothers first flights and aviation's humble beginnings.

60 years after the Wright Brothers flew their home built airplane at this very site man walked on the moon. A fact that stunned me when I first read, and then re-read it again from the beginning.

What little Hannah (the world's cutest little girl) will be doing 60 years from now makes today's family adventures even more exciting for me.

Her world is one of unlimited opportunity thanks in part to two men who went after a goal that many said could not be done, and with dogged determination discovered the keys to controlled and sustained flight.

Patric Douglas CEO

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