Thursday, May 6, 2010

SDI and SAI - New Shark Blog and Conservation Initiative

2008 ushered in an explosion of good shark initiatives, blogs, and boots on the ground local efforts that bore shark conservation fruit from Florida to Honduras.

It was the beginning of a revolution in the shark world.

These efforts were in response to a conservation vacuum, left in the wake of top heavy NGO's who did not seem nimble enough to respond and act on a local and regional basis.

These new efforts were often lead by shark diving industry folks who were invested in sharks beyond commercial shark diving.

The number of pro-shark efforts has not stopped with two new ones getting off the ground this week.

Sonja Fordham,a well known shark advocate and policy maker has opened the doors on Shark Advocates International (website to come) we have covered her efforts in the past with her work at Ocean Conservancy:

"Sharks are among the oceans' most vulnerable animals, and now more than ever they need our help," said Sonja Fordham, Shark Advocates International president, in a statement. "After decades of steady progress, recent months have brought serious setbacks in international shark conservation. Starting immediately, Shark Advocates International will fight to reignite and accelerate progress toward effective shark safeguards."

Another effort that we're glad to see up and running is Shark Diving Internationals Blog.

Lawrence Groth is an advocate for sharks, and has been for the past decade of work with these animals from the Farallones to Isla Guadalupe. His team of shark conservation people stretching around the planet will be a welcome addition to the understanding of sharks, conservation, and news from the industry.

Patric Douglas CEO

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