Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bermuda and The Shark Free Marinas

A few years ago after two Tiger takes in the Bahamas, animals that were killed for dockside images and a pair of jaws, I developed the vision behind the Shark Free Marinas Initiative.

In the hands of Luke Tipple, now the Director of the SFMI, this concept has become a full fledged conservation effort.

The need was clear and the timing was right for an intercept process that would bar fishermen from killing large sharks for the thrill. The initiative bypassed government involvement, and went right to the point source where sharks landed.

It was a win-win for both fishermen, who could continue to catch and release animals, and the marinas who could add a green stamp to their operations.

Last week in Bermuda the sport take of a large Tiger has caused more than it's share of hand wringing by the conservation side with calls to ban all shark fishing in Bermuda.

I wrote about how one dead shark can serve the shark cause even after its untimely demise and it would appear this animal might be that catalyst in Bermuda.

Bermuda and those who seek to protect sharks in their waters have several out of the box conservation tools to help them protect their animals. The shark conservation world from 2007/8 until today has galvanized and those seeking help for sharks can readily find it.

Let's hope this event is the last of it's kind in Bermuda, images like these have little place in today's oceans.

Patric Douglas

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