Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Douglas David Seifert on Shark Feeding

One of my favorite underwater photographers has been Douglas Seifert for the simple reason that he's always been more than a photographer.

He's been an industry shepherd with his many magazine articles tackling issues from reef loss to shark feeding.

Da Shark in Fiji got the scoop on a recent article of his tackling the sticky perception of shark feeding, and I find myself marveling at this statement, "If commercial dive operators are going to make a business partnership with sharks, then they must be ultimately responsible for the stewardship of those animals."

Truer words have never been spoken about a global industry, representing a titanic shift in operations over the past few years. The days of making money and repeating the process for many operators has gone in response to a global and regional shark crises.

Seeing respected members of the underwater photographic community backing up this change is industry leadership while his take on feeding sharks is nothing but net.

Well said, well written article.

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