Monday, September 6, 2010

Jan Brewer America's New Political Class - Video

What happened to America's Political Class?

Is it just me or are we seriously backing individuals who are nothing more than biological talking point regurgitators with little to no vision for the future?

It sure seems that way.

Whenever I work on conservation issues I inevitably run into politicians both big and small. Most recently during the Gulf oil spill and a Bio Remed project that became ensnared in Gulf politics run by this new and somewhat dubious political class.

A project that had our small team of PhD's calling it quits over this statement by a regional boss after two months of hard work, "That there bio remed machine looks just like the one Saddam built in I-Rac."

Yeah. Where do you go from there?

And then there's this woman. Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer. A lot has been said about her stance on illegal immigrants coming across the border from Mexico. Frankly I don't have a dog in that fight, aside from the fact she has a passing resemblance to Davros, the evil scientific genius from the Dr. Who Series, I was struck by a recent video of her as she tried to explain to Arizona's voters why she should remain in office.

The video in itself is stunning (watch this video).

Honest media gaffs are to be excused, stumbling through a major media event like this should give anyone watching a clear indication that our political class has sunk to all time lows. About as shocking a media display since the Ms Teen USA disaster in 2007 (watch this video).

Governor Brewer even had a script in front of her.

From Sarah Palin, to name your politico, America has an all time shortage of smart, challenging, leadership. Which gets me to my point. How are we to effect conservation change with leadership that is out of touch, out of tune, and cannot hold a conversation about issues that transcend their limited understanding?

Worse yet with politicos who, like Ms Teen USA, cannot even waltz through their own talking points. Fortunately Arizona is not a hot bed for front line shark conservation issues, but Jan Brewer is just one of America's new political class, and you'll find her and folks like her in every level of government these days.

Patric Douglas CEO

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