Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shark Diver - Celebrating 10 Years and Thanks to Fiji

This morning posts by Da Shark over at the Beqa Adventure Diver Blog was one of the nicest in the longstanding online friendship that has developed over the past two years.

It's a friendship between operators who see eye to eye on many issues facing our industry, conservation, and the state of the union for sharks worldwide.

Some wonder about the nature of the "relationship," alternately asking if this is a business deal between operators, or an investment, anything but what is really is.


As the CEO of Shark Diver I have come to respect quite a few folks in the industry, Da Shark being one of them. My respect is not given on the mere suggestion of others, nor do I give my respect freely without some deep thought and consideration about who or what the respect is for.

I respect industry thinkers and leaders. I respect those who work outside their comfort zones and who make smart, edgy, choices about their businesses and conservation. I respect what I came to define as Shark Divers mantra, "Noblesse Oblige" or Nobel Obligation. Both towards sharks and towards industry members who lead by example.

For Mike and his operation that comes naturally.

So to Mike and company - thanks. The past decade of commercial shark diving has been one of the greatest adventures one could ever hope to have. It was the meeting of those who I have come to call "friends" that has made this journey worthwhile.

Let's make that bottle the Château Pétrus. As you and I both know no one does a Merlot like these guys, and they have had it perfected since 1868. Of course they didn't really start swinging for the fences until just before the start of WW2.

Must be something in the soil;)

Patric Douglas CEO

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