Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Mummy Who Would Be King - A Family History

Our Douglas Clan is one filled with a rich history of exploration and adventure.

None richer than old Dr. James Douglas circa 1856.

As it turns out the late 1800's had an unusual fad for the times. Travelers coming back from Egypt and the far east often came back with actual mummies for display in home drawing rooms.

Gruesome though it sounds it was as popular an entertainment as today's flat screen televisions. Our clans own Dr.James Douglas, not one for passing on any fad, spent several years in Egypt collecting mummies.

Unknown to him or anyone until the late 90's one of his mummies turned out to be a celebrity.

Ramesses 1.

It's a strange story that has spawned several documentaries and a NOVA special. Our family knew of the mummy fetish, but didn't know of the mummy pedigree until investigators called us looking for answers.

The Mummy Who Would Be King follows the long voyage of the Pharaoh Ramesses I, ancestor of Egypt's most illustrious rulers, who was buried in a richly painted tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Ramesses entered his tomb expecting to undertake an arduous journey through the underworld. The king could hardly have imagined that his journey would take over three thousand years, through the drawing rooms of Victorian Canada, only to end up in Niagara Falls as a nickle amusement.

He now resides back in Egypt, where his amazing voyage began.

Patric Douglas CEO

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