Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My childhood gone, we're going to miss ya Sherwood!

Gilligan's Island the Brady Bunch, just to name a few. The legacy of writer/ producer Sherwood Schwartz goes back to 1938 when we was a writer for the Bob Hope Radio Hour.

But I knew his work as a young kid in California, the crazy Laurel and Hardy antics of Gilligan and the Skipper, with the Howells, and the Professor who could build just about anything out of a piece of string and three coconuts.

Ahh, the halcyon days of after school programming.

And then there was Marsha, I mean who was not completely in love with her? The Brady Bunch introduced America to a family that was an idealized version of ourselves, and left a lasting impression of American family values with all of us.

Producers and writers walking in the footsteps of Sherwood copied him and his style mercilessly, as is the way with television, making the Schwartz brand a three decades long empire of television programming.

Sherwood passed away yesterday at the ripe old age 94.

As a 43 year old adult I look back to my days in front of the television and his shows with absolute nostalgia. God bless ya Sherwood, you were and remain a very big part of my life.

I hope your next gig has a need for television programming on "big tube color tv".

Patric Douglas CEO

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