Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shark Diver Film - The boys are back in town!

Working with the best shark film crews in the industry is a constant reminder of what raw talent looks like both on and off screen.

This week it is my high honor to be working with such a crew. Always exploring Plan B when Plan A becomes hostage to flight delays and local weather conditions to pull off the extraordinary.

We just said goodby to the fine folks over at CNN who were in town shooting a shark conservation piece.

One of our jobs at Shark Diver is to carefully balance commercial work, the shoots and productions that keep the lights on and our folks busy, with conservation messaging. Choosing the right media sources to work with is a big part of that mix.

CNN has consistently treated shark conservation themes with intuitive thought and great story telling and we have been more than happy to help with their efforts.

You'll be seeing the CNN piece in a few weeks, for now the boys are back at it doing some of that commercial work I was talking about for the rest of this week. While I cannot say much about the production at this point I can say it's packed with sharks and Spicy.

I also hear tell our next commercial shark diving group at Guadalupe is having another amazing week. For me it's back to the sun, sand and sharks, wait until you see what happened to little "Denny's" on The Beach this week, it was absolutely raw nature on display.

Patric Douglas CEO

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