Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs is Gone - We'll Miss Him

Visionary, Genius, Pitchman.

Many people will be spending the next few weeks trying to package the history of Steve Jobs, Apples late CEO, into something that people can understand and digest.

For us here at Shark Diver, and for me personally, Steve Jobs can be summed up in one word "Liberator".

Apples technology has allowed our company to benefit from "tech that works" and tech that was so far ahead of the curve that at times (iPhone) we wondered if Jobs had actually created a time machine into which he was jumping into the future to secret back items that fundamentally changed the way we do business.

Sadly we never got to see the Apple iHover Board, but you can bet if Steve had been graced with another 20 years we would all be marvelling at it.

My enduring gratitude to Steve Jobs will forever come from a moment in one of the most remote corners of America. I had been in the middle of a 4 day drift down the Snake River, fly fishing with some good friends and more great wines than I care to mention.

My iPhone rang and 45 minutes later I had sealed the deal on a film production complete with signed contracts and video. This is the power of "tech that works" allowing me to live the life I want to with tech that travels with me every step of the way.

Who needs an office?

I will miss Steve Jobs. This week saw the passing of an industry great.

Patric Douglas CEO