Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shark Conservation Media - Busy Month for Shark Diver

We have had a very busy month rolling out positive shark media around the world with hits from CNN, Casa Grossa in Brazil and this months Futureal Magazine in Toronto, Canada talking about shark finning.

Toronto just went shark fin free this month so the article and quotes were timely.

Positive shark media is something we just do, it's a service to the sharks we make a living from and we have been doing it since our inception back in 2000.

At the time I was acutely aware that sharks didn't have a voice - and they needed one, badly.

In fact back in 2000 we were still in the "dark ages" for shark conservation. Few if any commercial shark diving operations really considered sharks beyond the commercial side. All that changed in 2007 with the "shark conservation movement" which is now in full bloom.

In 2008 I penned one of the most read articles of our blog with 300,000 uniques and counting, it was titled Shark Diver Noblesse Oblige, it was call to action for our industry worldwide to act on behalf of sharks.

Today you'll be hard pressed to find a single operation that is not engaged in the shark conservation movement in some way or form. It's been an amazing revolution.

This weeks barrage of media hits from Shark Diver closes out another amazing shark diving season for us both in the Bahamas and Mexico.

We still have a few more weeks of white shark diving operations in Mexico and will be the only commercial vessel operating at the island this late in the season as all the other operations will soon be ending white shark diving for 2011.

Our last few expeditions to this unique island allow us some quality time with the animals we have come to know, understand, and love over the past decade and there's not a single day where I do not consider ourselves fortunate to be able to work with these unique sharks year after year.

Let's go shark diving!

Patric Douglas CEO

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