Sunday, December 11, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...a Fez!

Back in 1933 Laurel and Hardy Rocked the Fez in the classic film Sons of the Desert.

It's of of their best films and a personal favorite of mine, but it has left me asking, "what happened to the Fez?"

As hat wear the Fez is as appealing as the Cubano Porkpie, a fashion that came roaring back into the public's style consciousness after a nearly 40 year hiatus.

Alas the Fez as a style choice seems to have died out with Laurel and Hardy in 1933 and I say it is time to bring the Fez back.

In fact I am willing to stake my entire Christmas wish list on it.

This is the kind of hat wear that commands attention, standing tall above a sea of baseball caps, Porkpies and others, and I want one, nay, I deserve one.

As the CEO of a commercial shark diving company I believe it is my solemn duty being in the public eye to set early trends and "Be The Penguin."

"Be The Penguin" you ask?

Yes. We have all seen the Nat Geo doco's of the massive ice shelf with thousands of penguins milling about looking down into the ocean. None of them want to be the first into the sea, that's today's baseball cap wearing crowd. Suddenly one penguin pushes his (or her) way to the front of the pack and leaps.

Your Fez wearing penguin.

The end result is an avalanche of black and white bodies spilling into the sea, a veritable tidal wave of ornithological joy. As an analogy for life in general I have always believed it is better to "Be the Penguin" and several decades later that basic philosophy has proven wise.

So that's my Christmas wish list, hint, hint and hint to bring back the Fez and to celebrate joy with everyone in the Fezzes aura because unlike ordinary hat wear the Fez casts it's own celebration everywhere it goes. Otherwise Laurel and Hardy would have worn top hats, or cowboy hats, they knew back in 1933 that the Fez was truly something special and unique.

Happy Holidays everyone, here's to a Fezzy 2012!

Patric Douglas


DaShark said...

You do realize that the penguin always changes as he's the most likely to get eaten by the ever lurking leopard seal.

Not a winning proposition if you ask me.

Would you mind publishing a picture of you modeling the coveted goodie once you receive it.

Shark Diver said...

Mate I will the Rockin' the Casbah in that thing and hell yes I will be posting pics.

As for the Penguin?

Be It.

Otherwise we're all doomed to be fearful and stuck on some godforsaken ice flow with far too many like minded penguins.

You sir are a Penguin, if you care to admit it or not, I have been watching you;)