Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shark Week and the Beetle Shark Cage - The Crew

Once again the viewers of Shark Week will get to see the handiwork of one of the top underwater commercial teams on the planet right now. A team known for producing unique and demanding visuals underwater that hold audiences through the commercial breaks.

The team consists of veteran underwater filmaker and diver operations, Greg "Moondog" Mooney, Luke Tipple, marine biologist, show host and veteran shark diver, the entire crew of the M/V Kate with Blue Iguana Charters and Scotty Grey, and Patric Douglas with Shark Diver. Underwater RED camera is Johnny Friday.

When it comes to delivering underwater, you don't get much better than this.

Our latest offering with Volkswagen delivers a synergy of images and thrills from the first second.

It is not a surprise that the major brands we have worked with over the past four years have discovered the "power of sharks" to thrill audiences the world over and we have worked with everyone from Ford Motors cars to Bacardi and Gillette.

The age of major brands and unique shark visuals has just begun.

Here's a sneak peek at last weeks Discovery/Volkswagen party in Hollywood featuring Luke Tipple.



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