Monday, September 10, 2012

Ron Taylor - The Fires of a Generation

Ron Taylor along with his wife Valerie Taylor lit the fires of an entire generation of filmmakers, undersea explorers, and fundamentally changed the way we look at the oceans and its many inhabitants.

I was just 7-8 years old when I first saw this amazing duo off the Coast of California diving with Blue Sharks on television. I was absolutely hooked from the opening shot. These two explorers set me on a path that I find myself on today, that of the ocean and it's most charismatic of inhabitants, the sharks.

Ron Taylor died this week after a long battle with cancer and the entire oceans community has lost another great. Da Shark over in Fiji penned a superb expose on this pair back in 2008 and it is still one of the best retrospectives I have read to date.

Safe travels Ron.

You and your wife both impacted me in ways that few people have, and for that I thank you.


Patric Douglas CEO
Shark Diver

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