Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Shark "Expert" teaches how to survive a shark attack?

This is getting ridiculous. "Shark Expert" and "shark whisperer" Riccardo Sturla Avogadri is showing people how to survive a shark attack. 

A article in the Daily Mail talks about Riccardo provoking a shark to attack him, in order to demonstrate how to survive an attack.  Article here.

 source youtube

DaShark wrote an excellent blog about him and all the other stuff he does. (you may need google translate to read some of the quotes)


source youtube

To quote DaSharkWhich brings me right back to the story at the top. Having seen this last video, do you really believe that the gioppino is demonstrating to a group of students how to act in a emergency situation with a shark by being intentionally bitten by a male shark who is protecting and showing off on the front of the bunch of female lemon sharks like asserted by the photographer, he himself another certified Shark expert and all-round genius - or is simply being nailed by a Lemon like he always does?

It seems to me that this idiot is showing people a sure fire way to get bitten by a shark and not how to survive an attack. I guess it comes down to what I always say. The fastest way to tell that someone is NOT a shark expert is that he/she's telling you he/she is.
Martin Graf
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