Monday, December 24, 2007

The Shark-Corkscrew-Holiday Gift

With X-Mas just a few days away here's a gift idea that had the crew here at UT running to the store to buy some vino.

The good folks at "The Shark" sent us a few of these gizmos to test run over the past few days and nights.

We're here to report that the media hype is all that and more..this is one serious wine opener!

Top Three Vinos We Tested from Wine Spectator

1. Cuvee le Bec from Beckmen Vineyards (California). A blend of red grapes. "Blends are oftentimes a good value," says Rayyis. Vintners "are making good wines without getting hung up on particular grape varieties." He says this Rhone-style wine is "consistently really good."-Corks in these bottles are real and the shark thingy tears them out in no time.

2. Deadly Zins Zinfandel from Michael-David Vineyards (California). "It flies off the shelf and deservedly so," says Fredrikson. -Corks are plastic and the shark thing makes short work of them.

3. Banfi Centine, Rosso di Toscana (Italy). "A good Chianti Classico nowadays retails for about $18 and up," says McCarthy, who calls this "a great alternative." Good with tomato pastas or steak, he says. - Dry cork, shark thing works with a few pieces left behind..tasty vino!