Friday, February 4, 2011

Tiger Beach Bahamas 2011 - Shark Diver

In just a few short weeks we'll be back at our second home, the Bahamas, to dive with our favorite locals - the Tiger sharks.

We're also back with Scotty Grey and the MV Kate one of the best vessels operating at the beach right now with one of the most accomplished and flexible shark crews out there.

We use Scotty and crew exclusively for all our Bahamas operations, from film crews to commercial diving they deliver safety, value, and comfort.

This season we're only running six divers per trip and this is the key for us. Small families and dive groups enjoy a private charter set up on the 65' MV Kate, and this allows us the ultimate flexibility on site and at other sites as well.

We cannot wait to get wet this March-May, and frankly, like you, we're tired of the winter.

Here's to 80 degree days, sunshine, Tigers, lemons, reef sharks, and oh yeah, we'll even throw in a day swimming with the spotted dolphins, or not, it's your expedition after all.

Image Frazier Nivens