Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shark Conservation - As easy as "starting something"

A note to all those in the shark diving industry. Sharks are under assault, and we will lose them unless we push back on every front and in every region.

While many industry folks support global efforts to protect and save sharks, funneling money into front line NGO's - we should be looking to our own dive sites. To the animals we know intimately, to the places where we make our living from. There are no better places to begin outreach and education, in fact, this is where we begin.

Here's a great example.

This blog has harped on this message since it's inception. Regional shark conservation is our obligation, not our burden. We start saving sharks by "starting something" in our own backyards.

It can be a website, a research effort, a photo id program. There are many of you who have lead this effort, and to those few Kudos. There are also many more who publicly decry the taking of sharks and yet, do nothing coherent.

It all starts with "One".

Tomorrow, be that "One".

Isla Guadalupe Research and Fund