Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 Tiger Beach Expeditions - Trip Report

It's been a busy few weeks for the crew of the M/V Kate and Shark Diver as our first divers are coming back from Tiger Beach in the Bahamas this year having once again had the time of their lives.

As April approaches we're looking forward to meeting our next months batch of shark divers at perhaps one of the planets top Tiger sites.

Newly minted Tiger diver Brad Bamford was with his buddies last week not sure what to expect, what he got was shark diving in paradise:

March 15-22 Tiger Beach Trip Report

The week our group spent a Tiger Beach was incredible. We had excellent weather the entire trip and lots of shark action. We had 5 different Tigers ranging from 10-13 ft and anywhere from 20-30 big Lemons.

Even when we went off Tiger Beach to dive the various reefs we had big Tigers show up!

I was surprised at how massive some of these sharks were. They were extremely curious which gave us lots of close-up encounters and great photos.

To mix things up we went swimming with the dolphins for an afternoon and dove a pristine reef with giant Loggerhead turtles. This was definitely the most extreme shark adventure I’ve been on and can’t wait to get back out there.

The food aboard the M/V Kate was excellent and the crew worked tirelessly to make sure we had an awesome trip.

They did not disappoint!

Miss you guys and hope to see you again real soon!


Brad Bamford